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Everything We Loved

1h 41m Drama 2014

Directed and Written by :
Max Currie

Writer/director Max Currie’s feature is a stunning, even-handed depiction of the lengths we’ll go to create and maintain the appearance of happiness.

Charlie and Angela once travelled the country as magician and glamorous assistant, but tragedy has ended their careers and the lives they once knew. The film unfolds slowly, revealing the truth about its characters in droplets, rather than broad strokes. It becomes clear the couple’s child has died, but then who is Tommy, the young boy asking Charlie if he is his real Daddy?

This is a gripping tale of love and loss and how each of us deals with them in our own, sometimes twisted way. The actors achieve a raw, natural emotional reality without resorting to hysteria, and the film’s unique color palette compliments the ever-changing emotional landscape the characters find themselves in.

“Gripping” - Mannie The Movie Guy, NBC

“Opened my heart like a sieve” - Matt Phillips, Palm Springs International Film Festival

“A bold, unusual, and thrilling New Zealand drama that marks the arrival of a striking new talent” - Carl Spence, Seattle Int. Film Festival


Sia Trokenheim (Angela Shepherd) , Brett Stewart (Charlie Shepherd) , Ben Clarkson (Tommy Burroughs) , Paul Glover (Detective Gilmore)


Max Currie


Max Currie


Tom Hern


Luke Robinson


Dave Garbett


Dan Kircher


Tim Prebble

Art Director

Andy Smith




New Zealand


Four Knights Film

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