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Footrot Flats

1h 25m Animation 1986

The animated story of the Dog and his friends and enemies.

Footrot Flats is the archetypal farming community that everyone knows exists somewhere. In Murray Ball’s iconic cartoon strips - and now in the animated feature film - the day-to-day events of Footrot Flats are chronicled by an extremely intelligent dog with a great sense of his own worth. He is simply known as “Dog”.

Meanwhile…the dastardly Murphys steal Cooch’s prize stag…Dog, Jess and the heroic Horse do battle with the forces of evil - the hellhounds, Vernon and his Vermin and the dreaded crocopigs.

Will Wal become an All Black? Where is Cooch’s stag? Will Horse prevail over Vernon and his Vermin. Will Jess be devoured by the dreaded crocopigs? What is Dog’s real name? Will Wal find eternal happiness with Cheeky Hobson?

It’s all there in Footrot Flats - The Dog’s Tale.


Peter Rowley (Dog) , John Clarke (Wal) , Dorothy McKegg (Aunt Dolly) , Rawiri Paratene (Rangi) , Fiona Samuel (Cheeky Hobson/Pongo) , Billy T James (Pawai)


Murray Ball


Tom Scott


John Barnett


Murray Ball


Pat Cox




New Zealand

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