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For Good

1h 36m Drama, Thriller 2003

Directed and Written by :
Stuart McKenzie

Stuart McKenzie’s debut feature is a frighteningly chilling, claustrophobic thriller.

Ten years ago a thirteen-year-old girl was kidnapped, raped and murdered in a small town. With the murderer up for parole, the victim’s father vows to take the law into his own hands if the killer is released. An acquaintance, Lisa, born on the same day as the victim, had dealt with the effect of the murder for years and wants to understand the event. When, posing as a journalist, she visits the murderer, then the victim’s parents, Lisa finds herself drawn into both, equally tortured worlds.

McKenzie and actress Miranda Harcourt developed the script from a solo stage piece, and in doing so, interviewed a number of rapists, murderers and families of victims. This research shows in the authenticity of the script and the number of contrasting ideas it throws up about society’s monsters and how they are treated.


Lisa Pearce (Michelle Langstone) , Tim Balme (Grant Wilson) , Miranda Harcourt (Fleur Hill) , Tim Gordon (Donald Hill)


Stuart McKenzie


Stuart McKenzie

Assoc. Producer

Miranda Harcourt

Director of Photography

Duncan Cole


Paul Sutorius


Richard Hobbs

Production Designer

Andrew Thomas

Sound Designer

Tim Prebble

Costume Designer

Amanda Neale




New Zealand


Kahukura Productions Limited

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