He Toki Huna: New Zealand in Afghanistan (2013)

  • History, War
  • 1h 20m

Directed by :
Annie Goldson

He Toki Huna: New Zealand in Afghanistan is a documentary from acclaimed filmmaker Annie Goldson (Brother Number One and Punitive Damage). She joins journalist Jon Stephenson as he takes a critical look at New Zealand’s military engagement in Afghanistan – the longest war in which New Zealand has ever been involved.

He Toki Huna takes viewers on the ground in Afghanistan with independent New Zealand journalist Jon Stephenson as he seeks eyewitness accounts of incidents involving New Zealand troops and interviews soldiers who have served on the front line in Afghanistan. The documentary includes a range of further voices and perspectives, including those of Commander Joint Forces Major General Dave Gawn, Māori soldier Alpha Kennedy, media studies lecturer Donald Matheson and journalists Mike McRoberts, Dr Ali Safi and Nicky Hager, as well as members of the Afghan community.



Country of Origin

New Zealand

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