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How To Meet Girls From A Distance

1h 25m Comedy 2012

Directed by : Dean Hewison
Written by: Dean Hewison and Richard Falkner

Made on a shoestring budget and scripted, shot and edited over a period of a few months, this hilarious Wellington-set comedy doesn’t look or feel like a low-budget film.

Toby doesn’t have much luck with the ladies. After taking some terrible advice from self-styled dating expert, Carl, he meets Phoebe and falls for her. In an effort to get to know her better, Toby stalks her, taking photographs outside her window, going through her garbage and following her.

Phoebe already has a boyfriend, but that doesn’t concern Toby much, and soon he’s managed to worm his way into her life and her heart.

This is an endearing, kooky and genuinely funny film. Toby manages to come across as sweet and innocent, not psychotic, despite his stalker behaviour. And Jonathan Brugh’s Carl is one of the greatest characters ever to be seen in New Zealand film.


Richard Falkner (Toby) , Scarlet Hemmingway (Phoebe) , Jonathan Brugh (Carl) , Aidee Walker (Emma) , Owen Black (Brad) , Hannah Clarke (Maria) , Colleen Cleary (Helen) , Aroha White (Mel)


Dean Hewison


Ruth Korver

Assoc. Producer

Andrew Beattie


Dean Hewison

Original Music

Sam Dickson

Director of Photography

Matthew Warmington

Production Designer

Kate Logan

Costume Designer

Bonne Becconsall




New Zealand


Traces of Nut

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