I'll Make You Happy (1999)

  • Comedy
  • 1h 32m

Teenage bad girl Siggy has big plans. Motivated by love, greed and anger, she comes up with a plan to hijack her sleazy pimp Lou’s money-making scheme. With an unlikely team including the agorophobic Lester, mild-mannered Drew, dominatrix Fran and sex workers Mickie and Mel, Siggy pulls off a heist involving decoy cops, sexual distractions, misleading code words and narrow escapes.

Written by sisters Anne and Athina Tsoulis,_ I’ll Make You Happy_ centres around around a stylised version of Auckland’s red-light district.


Athina Tsoulis


Anne Tsoulis


Liz Stevens

Director of Photography

Rewa Harre


Chris Plummer



Country of Origin

New Zealand

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