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Mr. Wrong

1h 28m Thriller 1986

Directed by: Gaylene Preston
Written by: Gaylene Preston, Geoff Murphy and Graeme Tetley

When Meg buys a used Jaguar from a shady car dealer so she can visit her parents on their rural farm, she gets a lot more than she expects. Soon after getting it, she starts hearing choking sounds coming from the back seat. Things get even weirder when she picks up a pair of hitchhikers who mysteriously disappear into thin air.

This thoroughly engrossing ghost story toys with traditional thriller tropes and tosses in enough red-herrings to keep viewers constantly second guessing what might be going on. Meg is an engaging protagonist, an every-woman, modest and unpretentious. Yet she is able to dig deep and find strength she never knew she possessed when faced with the terrifying unknown.

In its examination of fear and women’s reaction to it, Mr Wrong is far more than just another ghost story.


Heather Bolton (Meg) , David Letch (Mr Wrong) , Margaret Umbers (Samantha) , Suzanne Lee (Val) , Gary Stalker (Bruce) , Danny Mulheron (Wayne) , Perry Piercy (Mary Carmichael) , Philip Gordon (Clive) , Michael Haigh (Mr Whitehorn) , Kate Harcourt (Mrs Alexander)


Gaylene Preston


Robin Laing

Assoc. Producer

Gaylene Preston

Director of Photography

Thom Burstyn

Art Director

Mike Becroft


Simon Reece


Geoff Murphy


Graeme Tetley




New Zealand


Preston Laing Productions

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