Ngā Whanaunga Māori Pasifika Shorts (2021)

  • Short, Anthology
  • 1h 14m

Curated by Leo Koziol (Ngāti Kahungunu, Ngāti Rakaipaaka), Director of the Wairoa Māori Film Festival, with guest co-curator Craig Fasi (Niue), Director of the Pollywood Film Festival. Ngā Whanaunga Māori Pasifika Shorts will be available online from 22 November 2021 until 5 December 2021.

Ngā Whanaunga is a competitive section of the festival.

The Wellington UNESCO City of Film Best Film Award ($3000) was awarded to Disconnected, directed by Maruia Jensen as selected by the jury comprised of renowned playwright Victor Rodger, journalist and filmmaker Jodi Ihaka, and aspiring filmmaker Oriwa Hakaraia.

The jury also awarded a Special Mention Award to cinematographer Elise Lanigan for film fire in the water, fire in the sky.

Films are listed in the order that they will screen. Curator comments on each film appear in italics.

Disrupt NZ 2021 Director: Jennifer Te Atamira Ward-Lealand Cast: Joe Dekkers-Reihana, Kararaina Rangihau, Ella Edward | Producer: Peata Melbourne | Screenplay: Aroha Awarau | Cinematography: Tammy Williams | Editor: Lisa Greenfield | 13 mins When a burglary goes wrong, CJ must choose between his whānau and his next fix. “A whānau bond can’t be broken apart, even if the trespasses made skew to forsaking not forgiving.” — LK

Sista NZ 2020 Director: Chantelle Burgoyne Cast: Lizzie Overhoff, Daniela Mika, Katerina Fatupaito | Producer: Marina McCartney | Screenplay: Leilani Tamu, Chantelle Burgoyne | Cinematography: Tammy Williams | Editor: Annie Collins | 16 mins Isabelle feels left behind as her teenaged older sister Tiana grows up, leading to a moment of betrayal that threatens to shatter their relationship forever. “The unmistaken angst of running before learning to walk. A common and unfortunately incurable dilemma of many uninhibited, invincible youth of all generations. Learning fast is essential.” — CF

fire in the water, fire in the sky NZ 2020 Director/Screenplay: Mīria George Cast: Evotia-Rose Araiti, Samoana Nokise, Te Hau Winitana | Producer: Hone Kouka | Cinematography: Elise Lanigan | Editor: Lala Rolls | 13 mins Sisters Tia and Ina are far from home. Tia is focused on her work, while the free-spirited Ina just wants to dance. “The film traps you with curiosity to potentially discover the elusive existence of a better life. The sacrifice is real however the resolve is not guaranteed.” — CF

Disconnected NZ 2021 Director/Screenplay: Maruia Jensen Cast: Scotty Cotter, Nicola Kawana, Tukairangi Maxwell, Villa Lemanu, Tomai Ihaia | Producer: Angela Cudd | Cinematography: Raymond Edwards | Editor: India Fremaux | 17 mins Hip hop producer Chance hides away from his friends while secretly grieving a massive loss. “Emotional wounds bleed with no warning and seemingly no medical aid to assist with the spiritual healing required – however, bad can be accompanied by good.” — CF

True Love NZ 2021 Director/Screenplay/Editor: Raymond Edwards Cast: Lance Savali, Lydia Peckham | Producers: Jimmy Crayford-Bollinger, Raymond Edwards | Cinematography: Dave Garbett | 15 mins James and Bella are in love, but Bella has a secret that could change their lives. “True love is tested in this engrossing tale saturated with East Coast light and modern romance angst.” — LK


English, Maori, Samoan

Country of Origin

New Zealand