Sail Away (2018)

  • Comedy, Adventure
  • 11min

Kevin once had a dream that a wild storm would carry him away to live a heroic life sailing the seven seas. That was when he was a kid. Now he is an adult who works in the local sardine factory, and all of his dreams are locked away in a suitcase under his bed.

One day the suitcase bursts open and Kevin decides to leave his old life behind and launch into the unknown. He begins to build a boat in his backyard, but his family and friends think he is ridiculous. To them he is a sardine can man and that’s that.

But one night the wild storm does come, carrying Kevin and his boat out into the ocean never to be seen again.


Ella Becroft


Tama Jarman


Tama Jarman


Ilai Amar

Director of Photography

Matt Henley


Dione Chard

Production Designer

Shayne Radford


Claire Cowan



Country of Origin

New Zealand