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The Deadly Ponies Gang

1h 3m Documentary 2013

Directed by:
Zoe McIntosh

What happens when you cross poor white trash with gangsta culture, then stick it on a horse? You get The Deadly Ponies Gang.

Not to be mistaken for a mockumentary, documentarian Zoe McIntosh follows the lives of ‘bestest’ mates Clint and Dwayne – the extremely quotable members of the two-member Deadly ponies gang who trawl the edges of rural West Auckland on their pimped out rides (i.e. steeds decorated with glitter, beads and sunglasses). Not short of a suave move with the ladies, Clint worries that Dwayne’s not pulling the way he once did – most likely because he has no teeth. So Clint organises a gig to fundraise for a new set, the ‘help my mate Dwayne get some Teeth Fundraising gig’. Along with some drug deals to supplement their income, the pair go in search of a life of hustling, riding and partying.

Enter a strange yet familiar world of green kiwi hills, pony clubs, and backyard barbecues, strangely intersecting with the music, and tribal customs of ghetto L.A. The mix is hilarious, yet also touching, and a little bit inspiring. The infectious enthusiasm of the characters – who include New Zealand’s only Country and Western gangsta rapper, ‘The Rhymestone Cowboy, and 12 year old equestrian DJ ‘Buster’ – makes for a joyful gallop.

New Zealand International Film Festival: 2013

“The funniest movie valentine to stoned mateship and recreational innovation in New Zealand’s back blocks since Kaikohe Demolition ” – Bill Gosden, New Zealand International Film Festival.


Clint Rarm (Himself) , Dwayne Sissions (Himself) , Kody Rowe (Himself) , Sophie Musgrove (Herself) , The Rhymestone Cowboy (Himself)


Zoe McIntosh


Zoe McIntosh

Director of Photography

Tammy Williams


Costa Botes




New Zealand


Zoe McIntosh Films Ltd

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