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The Returning

1h 35m Thriller 1990

Alan Steadman abandons his successful law practice when he moves into a neglected but majestic 19th Century country homestead.

On the first night after he’s occupied his new home a beautiful and mysterious woman makes intense love to him in his sleep.

As Alan’s dreams become more attractive than his waking life, he falls obessively in love for the first time.

Gradually he unveils the tradegy of Charlotte Heatherington’s lost love.

To respond to the call of his lover Alan must cross the divide of a century.


Phillip Gordon (Alan Steadman) , Alison Routledge (Jessica Scott) , Max Cullen (Father Donohue) , Jim Moriarty (George)


John Day


Trishia Downie

Executive Producer

David Hannay




New Zealand

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