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The Weight of Elephants

1h 27m Drama 2013

Directed and Written by:
Daniel Joseph Borgman

Adrian has never felt like he belonged anywhere. His mother abandoned him to the care of his grandmother early on, and he has lived there, largely unwanted, ever since. His uncle Rory lives there too, withdrawn from the world, painting. A case of head lice leads to his hair being shaved off which means further ridicule at school.

When a trio of kids moves in next door, he makes a tentative attempt at befriending them. Their appearance coincides with a news story about three other kids who disappeared from a neighboring town, and as their friendship deepens, Adrian becomes more and more certain he knows the secret these kids are harbouring.

Young Demos Murphy is a revelation. He carries the film, appearing in almost every scene and giving a unique, child’s perspective on the world around him.

Based on Sonya Hartnett’s award-winning novel Of A Boy, this is the feature debut of Denmark-based Dunedin-born director Daniel Joseph Borgman, following on from his lauded shorts Berik, and Lars and Peter.


Demos Murphy (Adrian) , Angelina Cottrell (Nicole) , Catherine Wilkin (Gran) , Matthew Sunderland (Uncle Rory) , Finn Holden (Clinton)


Katja Adomeit


Leanne Saunders


Sophia Olsson

Production Designer

Kirsty Cameron




New Zealand


Zentropa Entertainments5, Severe Features

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