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The Winter Boy

9m Drama 2010

A mother tries to comfort her grieving son, but on each attempt her son’s silence becomes more and more deafening. An outing to the local aquarium places further strain on their troubled relationship - until her son finds a reason to let his mother in again.

Kylie Meehan’s script of The Winter Boy is evocative. The story of a family locked in sorrow cut off from the world around them is brought to life in this film through the strong direction of Rachel House. Shot in the National Aquarium of New Zealand in Napier the use of colour and filters heightens the emotion of the film.


Tahei Simpson (Mother) , Te Aho Whitu (Jack) , Lucy Schmidt (Security Guard 1) , Staci Taylor (Security Guard 2) , Rakai Karaitiana (Father) , Huia Karaitiana (Kuia)


Rachel House


Kylie Meehan

Director of Photography

Leon Narbey

Production Designer

Shayne Radford


Peter Burger




New Zealand

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