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Trouble is My Business

1h 22m Documentary 2008

Assistant Principal Mr Peach is the backstop for kids with truancy and behavioural problems, when none of the other teachers can deal with them. In an environment where the morale of both the students and teachers is at an all time low, Mr Peach persists in his belief in the kids and their right to an education. He fights to keep the kids at school through a mixture of tough discipline, street knowledge, negotiation, support and encouragement – whatever it takes. He’s a rebel and not everyone agrees with his approach but through his dogged compassion and respect for the kids he gets results where many other educators have failed, instilling a sense of self-worth in his students that changes many of their lives forever.


Juliette Veber


Vicky Pope


Juliette Veber


Cushla Dillon




New Zealand

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