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Yellow Roses

16m Drama 2019

Hine (70) and Michael (35) come together after Hine calls an escort agency seeking the services of a man who resembles her husband in his prime – when they were young, healthy and happy.

John and Hine were medal-winning ballroom dancing champions who only needed and wanted each other. When John begins to succumb to the debilitating disease, Alzheimer’s, Hine finds herself alone. Although John exists physically, he does not connect with her,which prompts her to find replacement companionship knowing there will be no commitment to the surrogate.

Michael is the carefree young man chosen by the escort agency to visit Hine once a week for as long as she needs him to. An easy job for him he thinks, as she wants nothing but to dance. Michael presumes John is dead and he is the replacement for a lonely old lady.

However, Hine reminds him of his Nana, who raised him. Hine’s nature sees him feeling guilty for staying away from his Nana. After Hine suddenly passes away, he discovers that John is alive and has been in a facility for 5 years, and Hine had been diligently visiting him even though he could not remember who she was. This prompts Michael to do the most selfless thing he has ever done.


Vicky Haughton (Hine) , Ido Dent (Michael) , Craig Walsh-Wrightson (John) , Edward Peni (Gabriel) , Aroha Rawson (Agnes)


Anahera Parata

Director of Photography

Fred Renata


Justin Hawkes

Production Designer

Rita Soromenho


Louise Davis




New Zealand

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