A Song of Good (2008)

  • Crime, Drama, Mystery
  • 1h 24m

Directed and Written by
Gregory King

A Song Of Good is the story of 28-year old Gary Cradle’s struggle for redemption after committing a horrific crime. During a desperate burglary to pay for drugs, Gary is confronted by a middle-aged woman. Cornered and scared he overpowers the woman and attacks her. Disgusted by this senseless assault, he flees home to where he lives with his retired father Ron.

A Song Of Good is a gritty and moving story of a desperate young man with few resources and even fewer options. Determined that things will only get better if he takes control of his life despite the odds against him, Gary discovers that deciding to change a life is one thing. Changing it is another.


Gregory King


Gregory King


Mark Foster



Country of Origin

New Zealand

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