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17m Science Fiction, Fantasy 2004

An alien woman is abandoned in a New Zealand forest with her dying son. She gives the last of her energy to her son, and alone the alien boy explores the world.

When a human woman calls the alien into her kitchen, and starts calling him her son, a human boy named Brains. The alien soon finds himself living in a mad world of neglect and abuse. Fearing for his life, Brains contacts his alien family in space, telling them he will light a beacon so they will know where to find him. That night as the humans sleep, Brains sets the house on fire. He waits for his alien family to pick him up, but no one comes.

A few days later, a party is held for Brains’ father who has returned from hospital after suffering burns in the fire. As the party rages, Brains climbs an old barn at the back of the house, ignoring the calls of his drunk mother. The crazy human world fades as Brains’ looks up into a magnifcent night sky and is flled with wonder and the possibility of a better life


Jason Whyte (Baz) , Beck Taylor (Brains) , Eddie Campbell (Poppa) , Maria Walker (Mum) , Mabelle Dennison (Alien Mum)


Gregory King


Gregory King


Mhairead Connor

Director of Photography

Simon Baumfeild


Paul Wedel

Production Designer

Brendon Heffernan




New Zealand

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