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13m Drama 2017

Liam is nineteen, fresh out of high school, and enjoying a life of parties and pills. He lives with his grandmother. He keeps her at an arm’s length, and so, when she has a sudden stroke, he ignores her call, and doesn’t find out until he reads a text message sent from Wellington Hospital.

He rushes to the hospital, in the middle of the night, drunk and hopped up on cheap stimulants. He is greeted by a closed door, and a nurse who tells him he has to wait to see his grandma. Thus, Liam spends a night and a morning in the hospital, contemplating his decisions, while befriending a young boy who is waiting for news of his mother. A social-realist drama, Boxes is a story about regret, relationships, and the widespread existence of small tragedies.


Kieran Charnock (Liam) , Hilary Norris (Grandmother) , Georgia Pringle (Emily) , Lachlan Blathwayt (Boy) , Drew Briceford (Dealer)


Jack Barrowman

Director of Photography

Ryan Alexander Lloyd


Alex Boyd

Sound Designer

Tom Scott-Toft

Art Director

Ivy Urquhart

Art Director

Poppy Serano




New Zealand

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