Dive (2014)

  • Comedy
  • 13min

What if your reflection had a mind of its own?

George has hit rock bottom. He’s fallen so low that even his reflection has turned its back on him. When it disappears altogether, George sets off on a quest through the looking glass to haul himself back from the abyss and face his grief.

Director Matthew J Saville was inspired to make this short film by Rene Magritte’s 1937 painting, “La Reproduction Interdite” in which a man stares into a mirror and instead of seeing his face, finds a reflection of the back of his head.

Dive screened at numerous film festivals including Telluride, Palm Springs, Neuchatel and Hof International Film Festival.


Byron Coll


Julia Parnell

Director of Photography

Duncan Cole


Peter Roberts

Production Designer

Ashley Turner



Country of Origin

New Zealand