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Eagle vs Shark

1h 33m Comedy, Romance 2007

In 2004, Oscar holder Taika Waititi gathered together a talented crew to bring audiences the bigger picture of life’s little moments with his debut feature film Eagle vs Shark.

The film debuted at the Sundance Film Festival to rave reviews “Both hip and funny…a wonderfully fractured take on romance with a welcome New Zealand twist…Jarrod, Lily and the rest, while odder than just about anyone you know, are recognizably human, with motivations and histories that dig deeper than most comedies are willing to go….Taika Waititi is a unique young voice, a potential breath of fresh air for young audiences tired of being talked down to by Hollywood.” The Film Journal were not wrong, and Waititi went onto make films which showcased his unique and distinctive voice, and understanding of audience.

Of the film, Waititi said “Eagle vs Shark isn’t a romantic comedy rather a slightly dark, amusing tale with a little bit of love in it. When the atmosphere is tense and uncomfortable that is when we feel the need to laugh most. The sort of humour I prefer and write comes from finding the lighter side of tragic.”


Loren Taylor (Lily) , Jemaine Clement (Jarrod) , Joel Tobeck (Damon) , Craig Hall (Doug) , Brian Sergent (Jonah) , Rachel House (Nancy)


Taika Waititi


Ainsley Gardiner


Cliff Curtis

Director of Photography

Adam Clark

Sound Designer

David Whitehead

Costume Designer

Amanda Neale

Production Designer

Joe Bleakley




New Zealand


Whenua Films

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