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6m Drama 2020

When a proudly-stubbled College student, Amon, is sent home to shave, he instead chooses to bunk indefinitely. While chasing his own sexual-education, over one long afternoon, Amon is confronted by the complications, and repercussions, that come with sharing his bed. Years later, once the fling is almost forgotten, Amon is faced with his old mate once more, and the contrasting ways they have come to remember their casual encounter.

Fling strings together the memories of one rumination-inducing first-time at intimacy. Seeking no-strings skin-to-skin contact and, with the help of whatever app, the young Amon ultimately goes in pursuit of his own, real, extra-curricular activities. By exploring generational dissonance within queer communities, and the dehumanising potential of dating apps,_ Fling _shines a light on one misguided attempt to urgently lose one’s virginity.

Fling was filmed gradually, over several years, embracing the ways actors and locations changed over time. Filmed in Otautahi Christchurch, Aotearoa New Zealand, _Fling _features iconic locations including Hagley Park, and Cave Rock at Sumner Beach. Proof of Otautahi Christchurch’s earthquakes, and the ongoing regeneration, was purposefully utilised in some scenes.


Matty Visser (Amon) , Andrew Fidow (Brock) , Eve Barlow (Teacher) , Ron Rodger (Master) , Spencer Sutherland Todd (Son)


Ed Lust


Ed Lust


Ed Lust


Alexandra Porter

Director of Photography

Sabin Holloway

Art Director

Ed Lust

Sound Designer

Ed Lust


Nathan Ingram




New Zealand

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