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1h 47m Drama, Thriller, Crime 2004

Directed and Written by :
Larry Parr

Shot in Wellington, Fracture makes great use of the city’s narrow hillside streets in telling the story of two families whose lives intersect as the result of a bungled burglary.

Gritty and raw, this film doesn’t shy away from violence and struggle, but it also shows how some families pull together during times of adversity, while others fall apart.

Kate Elliott does a fantastic job as a young single mother who is forced to face a huge range of emotions as she struggles to protect her son and the brother she loves despite his obvious shortcomings.

Released the same year as the phenomenally successful_ In My Father’s Den_ and also based on a novel by Maurice Gee, Fracture found itself overshadowed on release despite cameos from stars such as Cliff Curtis and Julian Arahanga.


Kate Elliott (Leeanne Rosser) , Jared Turner (Brent Rosser) , Tim Lee (Clyde Rosser) , Miranda Harcourt (Irene Rosser) , Jamal Spellacey (Sam Rosser)


Larry Parr


Larry Parr


Fred Renata

Sound Designer

Tim Prebble

Production Designer

Kayne Horsham

Costume Designer

Amanda Neale




New Zealand


Crime Story Ltd.

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