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Fresh Meat

1h 31m Comedy, Horror 2012

Fresh Meat is a unique blend of comedy, horror and action.

When the Tan Gang’s prison breakout goes violently wrong, they need a hideout in a hurry. Picking the McMansion of a middle-class Māori family probably seems like a safe bet. But how are the Tans to know that this particular family have reintroduced some very old-fashioned cuisine to their dining table?

Will the Tans escape the trap? Or is there gangster in the casserole tonight?

Fresh Meat is a unique blend of comedy, horror and action. Penned by Briar Grace-Smith, the film was directed by Danny Mulheron who has worked in a variety of roles and mediums over the years, including a stint with Peter Jackson in LA working on the sixth and final instalment of A Nightmare on Elm Street (Dream Lover) and co-writing _Meet the Feebles _(in which he also starred, as the prima donna hippo Heidi), This is Danny’s debut feature film.


Temuera Morrison (Hemi Crane) , Nicola Kawana (Margaret Crane) , Hanna Tevita (Rena Crane) , Kate Elliott (Gigi)


Danny Mulheron


Dave Gibson

Director of Photography

Simon Baumfield


Paul Sutorius

Production Designer

Kevin Leonard-Jones


English, Maori


New Zealand

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