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Fresh Meat

1h 31m Comedy, Horror 2012

Fresh Meat is a unique blend of comedy, horror and action.

When the Tan Gang’s prison breakout goes violently wrong, they need a hideout in a hurry. Picking the McMansion of a middle-class Māori family probably seems like a safe bet. But how are the Tans to know that this particular family have reintroduced some very old-fashioned cuisine to their dining table?

Will the Tans escape the trap? Or is there gangster in the casserole tonight?

Fresh Meat is a unique blend of comedy, horror and action. Penned by Briar Grace-Smith, the film was directed by Danny Mulheron who has worked in a variety of roles and mediums over the years, including a stint with Peter Jackson in LA working on the sixth and final instalment of A Nightmare on Elm Street (Dream Lover) and co-writing _Meet the Feebles _(in which he also starred, as the prima donna hippo Heidi), This is Danny’s debut feature film.


Danny Mulheron


Dave Gibson

Director of Photography

Simon Baumfield


Paul Sutorius

Production Designer

Kevin Leonard-Jones


English, Maori


New Zealand

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