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Kimi me te Merengi

14m Drama 1993

Kimi lives in the country with her grandmother and her Uncle Tau. One day at the end of summer, the big bus from the city gobbles up Uncle Tau and takes him away. Before he leaves, he promises to return when the watermelon is fully grown. The watermelon grows and grows, and Kimi waits and waits. Finally it is ready to eat.

Kimi and the Watermelon is a story of love and trust…and the turning of the seasons.

This te reo version includes the English language version as an extra.


Don Selwyn


Shereen Maloney

Director of Photography

Riwa Harre

Art Director

Miro Harre


Dell King




New Zealand

Bonus Content

Kimi and the Watermelon - English


The English language version of Kimi and the Watermelon

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