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12m Thriller, Drama 1997

Even stray dogs remain elusive to Little Man, a nine-year-old boy who seeks to understand the remote world around him. He finds refuge with Kid, his younger, autistic sister who provides Little Man with a brief glimpse of another world. When Kid is forced to conform to unspoken family rules, this connection is broken forever.

Set against isolated forest country, Possum is a timeless and touching fable which journeys into the nether-region of a child’s imagination, a place where myth and reality become blurred.

Possum screened at the 1997 Melbourne and Telluride Film Festivals and received the award for Best Craft in Short Form Drama at the 1997 New Zealand Film and Television Awards. Technical


Martin Taylor (Little Man) , Stephen Papps (Dad) , Eve-Marie Brandish (Kid) , Alexia Verdonkschot (Missy)


Brad McGann


Brad McGann


Trevor Haysom

Director of Photography

Leon Narbey

Production Designer

Tracy Grant


Chris Plummer




New Zealand

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