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1h 38m Comedy 2010

The three misfits devise a plot to photograph and blackmail adulterous couples ‘making-out’ in the local park. Fired by the promise of revenge against the Bramwells (the wealthy property developers who stole his family’s land) and embarrassed by his gone-mad father (Tim Finn) building an enormous tower in the front yard, Cedric is ready for action.

When they realise they can’t afford to buy a camera for the job, Cedric ingeniously suggests that all they need is a flash bulb, to give the impression a photo has been taken.

When they inadvertently “photograph” Maybelle (Rose McIver), the object of Cedric’s teenage fantasies, Cedric’s anxiety levels soar and the plot starts to unravel. He jumps at shadows as he begins to fear the dark side of his new friends.

When the trio con the wrong man, Cedric - tortured by lust, roped into blackmail and possibly an accessory to murder - is in a predicament.


Jemaine Clement (Spook) , Heath Franklin (Mervyn Tobeck) , Hayden Frost (Cedric Williamson) , Tim Finn (Martin Williamson) , Rose McIver (Maybelle Zimmerman) , Tina Grenville-Cagwin (Granny Williamson)


Jason Stutter


Jason Stutter


Sue Rogers

Production Designer

John Harding


Simon Raby




New Zealand

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