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Shaker Run

1h 31m Action, Adventure 1985

Americans Judd and his mechanic Casey are traveling New Zealand and racing their pink and black Trans-Am known as Shaker as a means to gather enough cash to leave the country. They’re in the deep South when a scientist enlists them to help her escape Dunedin, fast.

Unknown to the Americans, she is carrying a deadly, stolen virus that she’s certain the New Zealand military plan to use for bio-warfare. She needs to keep one step ahead of them to get the virus into the hands of the CIA.

But when the rendez-vous does not go as planned, the trio find themselves pursued up the South Island by both the cops and a relentless private security force.

Filled with car chases and impossible stunts, Shaker Run features some pretty stunning on-the-hood camerawork, Ian Mune as a CIA agent and keep your eyes peeled for Shona Laing’s cameo as a bar singer.


Cliff Robertson (Judd Pierson) , Leif Garrett (Casey Lee) , Lisa Harrow (Christine Rubin)


Bruce Morrison


Henry Fownes


James Kouf


Larry Parr


Igo Kantor




New Zealand

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