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Shihad: Beautiful Machine

1h 42m Documentary, Music 2012

Directed by:
Sam Peacocke

Kiwi rockers Shihad have been at the forefront of New Zealand music for over 20 years. Formed when the members were still at high school, their high-energy, high-octane rock electrified first the Wellington scene, then the global stage. This all-access documentary looks back on a journey that began when the band members were too young to even be in the venues they played, through their brushes with addiction and global fame, until the present where they remain one of the most hard-working and respected groups this side of the equator.

While a few of the stories have been cleaned up for a general audience, the band members are unerringly frank and honest about the impact the band has had on their personal lives, their health, their friendships and their sanity.

“You should see this film. It’s the best music documentary that will ever come out of New Zealand. It has grit and heart and soul…” – Simon Sweetman


Jon Toogood (Himself) , Tom Larkin (Himself) , Karl Kippenburger (Himself) , Phil Knight (Himself)


Sam Peacocke

Assoc. Producer

Grant Roa


Ari Wegner


Simon Baulfield


Cushla Dillon




New Zealand


ION Films Limited

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