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Shout at the Ground

10m Comedy 2016

Deep in the middle of Nowhere, New Zealand, 1992, a speeding tour van shatters the peaceful serenity of the clear blue skies and rolling green hills. The rock band onboard are suffering, possibly from last night’s revelry, but more likely from Deb’s driving. Deb is the manager. She is highly stressed and hell-bent on getting them to the ferry on time. The more the band complain, the more erratic her driving gets. One by one, five of the six band members succumb to travel sickness, but that’s not all they have to complain about. As they take turns vomiting out of the van windows, the young rockers grill Deb on the unfortunate events of last night, when she managed to lose an entire weekend’s door take, totaling nearly $100,000 cash!

Under duress an­d on the defensive, Deb tells her sad story. In Deb’s version, she is the ultimate professional, but hilarious flashbacks show her to be quite the party animal, and possibly less vigilant than she is ready to admit. As she gives a detailed, blow-by-blow account of how the brazen hotel room robbery ‘may have’ unfolded, she decides to leave out the part where she was rolling around naked in the cash, and getting drunk and stoned while watching pornography. Either way, the result is the same. Deb’s room was robbed, and the money is GONE!

In between fits of nausea and regurgitation, the band members argue over who the possible perpetrators could have been. During this time, Deb’s brick cell phone starts ringing, but she’s not answering. She’s had all the abuse she can take for one day. Dave, the roadie, does not approve of Deb’s cowardly attitude, and the two of them start to squabble like an elderly married couple. Meanwhile in the back of the van, there is one rocker with a stronger stomach than the others, but not for long. As the vomit flies from all four windows, the wave of nausea reaches him at last, but he has nowhere to go! Deb and Dave’s squabble over the phone has turned into a fully-fledged fight, and she still has the pedal to the metal. As the final vomit holdout frantically searches for somewhere to relieve himself, Deb loses control of the wheel, and all hell breaks loose, leading to a shocking and messy revelation that points to the REAL truth about the night before.


Aidee Walker (Deb) , Zane Fleming (Phil) , Milo Cawthorne (James) , Henry Beasley (John) , Emlyn Williams (Ant) , Dahnu Graham (Chris) , Andrew Beattie (Dave)


Joe Lonie


Joe Lonie


Leela Menon

Director of Photography

Duncan Cole


Bryan Shaw

Production Designer

Jane Bucknell

Sound Designer

Chris Burt




New Zealand

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