Southland's Home (2018)

  • Drama, Comedy
  • 14min

Southland’s Home is a quirky, dark comedy set in rural Southland, 1972. Nell is a timid teenager who ends up a resident at a Home for disturbed young women… but why is she there? The last of its kind, the home is downtrodden and neglected, like the girls who inhabit it.

As Nell navigates the politics and danger of her new surroundings, she must also confront what brought her there, and what will set her free. Southland’s Home is a tale of friendship, illness and recovery, all under one hormonal roof.


Alice Ralston


Rosie Howells

Director of Photography

Jonathan King


Bridget Lyon

Production Designer

Jasmine Shadbolt


Shane Rangi

Art Director

Simone Wiseman



Country of Origin

New Zealand