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1h 34m Drama, Thriller, Crime 2005

Directed and Written by:
Geoff Murphy

Geoff Murphy’s return to New Zealand after many years in Hollywood stars Cliff Curtis in a film loosely based on a book by Ian Wishart which was based on true events.

Kevin Jones is a second-hand computer dealer. When he buys a batch of used computers from a large merchant bank, the seller throws in a pile of old floppy discs. Curious, Kevin checks out the discs and discovers information on them he knows he should not be seeing. Thinking he might be able to make some fast money, he tries to sell the discs back to the bank. Shortly afterward, he’s found dead, apparently the victim of a drink-drive accident.

But was it an accident? Investigative journalist Mort Whitman doesn’t think so. He becomes obsessed with uncovering the truth about who really killed Kev – SIS? CIA? The police? Or was it really an accident? Through asides to camera, interviews with possible witnesses and some pretty good action scenes, Mort’s investigation reveals events and possibilities but never fully reveals the mystery at the core.

While the subject matter sounds heavy, Murphy’s trademark humour infuses the film with a distinctly Kiwi flavour and wit.


Cliff Curtis (Mort Whitman) , Christopher Hobbs (Kevin Jones) , Miriama Smith (Ruby Elder) , John Leigh (Jimmy Blick) , Kelly Johnson (Spook)


Geoff Murphy


Geoff Murphy


Don Reynolds

Assoc. Producer

Merata Mita

Assoc. Producer

Geoff Dixon

Director of Photography

Rewa Harre

Production Designer

Shayne Radford

Costume Designer

Brett Garton




New Zealand


Silverscreen Productions

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