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Spring Jam

5m Animation 2016

Some stags get all the birds. But not Lone Stag. He lacks a certain something on the antlers front: antlers. And without them he has little chance of getting any birds to help him make music for the spring jam.

So far Lone Stag has recruited one bird; his friend the Sleepy Kiwi. But this hasn’t gone so well: Kiwi can’t sing. So Lone Stag ditches his friend and when a desperate bid for attention among his better endowed peers goes awry, Lone Stag is propelled in to the firing line; shaken and stirred; dropped from a height and then carried on a wave of discovery until he’s finally illuminated in the art of making beautiful music, his own way.

There’s just one catch: In order to make his new ability work in the wild, he’s going to have to realise that the help of his friend is actually something he can’t do without.

This award-winning animated short screened at numerous international film festivals including the Annecy International Animation Festival, Show Me Shorts Film Festival and BFI London Film Film Festival.


Ned Wenlock


Ned Wenlock


Ben Sinclair

Sound Designer

Tim Prebble


Txesco Montalt


Ned Wenlock




New Zealand

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