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1h 34m Comedy 2001

Directed by:Hamish Rothwell
Written by: Nick Ward

Thomas, Jack and Wayne are Stickmen, playing an on-going stake game of pub pool that sees them touring the dark underbelly of Wellington’s pub scene.

In a high stakes tournament, the Stickmen must face up to a weird and wonderful collection of players. Bikers, priests, waitresses and bankers are all standing in their way of winning the big cash prize. Behind it all is the sinister omnipresence of Daddy, a hook-handed Greek crime lord who pulls all the strings.

This is a story that revolves around a series of sticky felt tables in smoke-filled bars. Its the pure distillation of warfare. In any given night a pool table will see casualties, victors, victims and legends.


Hamish Rothwell


Nick Ward


Michelle Turner

Director of Photography

Nigel Bluck

Production Designer

Neville Stevenson

Sound Designer

Tim Prebble




New Zealand


Stick Films Limited

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