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The Gravedigger of Kapu

16m Drama 2018

Hone is the last of the old time gravediggers. He links the living with the dead. He is the keeper of their secrets. Tana is Hone’s apprentice who respects his uncle and doesn’t mind the physical work. However he finds the spiritual side of the job unnerving. Hone worries that Tana may not be able to pick up the role of the gravedigger and all that it entails. A series of incidents in the urupa (graveyard) lead them to both make final decisions.


Jim Moriarty (Hone) , Tanira Cooper (Tana)


Libby Hakaraia


Tainui Stephens

Director of Photography

Ryan Alexander Lloyd

Production Designer

Brendan Bourke

Production Designer

Stacey Young


English, Maori


New Zealand

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