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The Last Dogs of Winter

1h 37m Documentary 2011

Eight miles from the town of Churchill, a tiny and isolated community on the shores of Hudson Bay, two endangered species have found a tenuous but workable co-existence. In a situation unique on the planet, giant polar bears, the largest carnivores on earth, share their ancestral earth with half wild Canadian Eskimo Dogs.

Canadian Eskimo Dogs, or Qimmiq, were once indispensible to human life in the arctic. Today, the breed faces extinction. Since 1976, Brian Ladoon has stuck to a promise to maintain a viable breeding colony, battling chronic underfunding, wandering polar bears, officialdom and a harsh natural environment to keep his word. All the creatures in this realm: bears, dogs, and men, are on the edge, hanging on to their final toehold in a world growing increasingly inhospitable to their needs.

This is the story discovered by a young New Zealand actor, Caleb Ross, after he went to Canada looking for love, but instead found a unique adventure and a cause.


Brian Ladoon (Brian Ladoon) , Caleb Ross (Caleb Ross)


Costa Botes


Costa Botes


Caleb Ross


Costa Botes


Tom McLeod




New Zealand

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