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The Scarecrow

1h 48m Thriller 1981

One summer’s morning, 14-year-old Ned Poindexter and his friend Les discover that their chickens have been stolen. At the same time, 250 miles away in the city, a teenage girl is found floating in a pond - her throat cut.

The two crimes, one so trivial and the other so diabolical, belong to the same story. In fact they’re the opening frames of the film. A film in which an adolescent boy grapples with manhood, morality and the consequences of chicken stealing (both inflicted and perpetrated) while a murderer and sex maniac stalks his beautiful and beloved sister, the ripening Prudence.


Tracy Mann (Prudence Poindexter) , John Carradine (Salter)


Sam Pillsbury


Michael Heath


Sam Pillsbury

Director of Photography

James Bartle


Ian John




New Zealand

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