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This Giant Papier Mache Boulder is Actually Really Heavy

1h 39m Science Fiction, Comedy 2016

While watching an old B grade sci-fi movie, Tom, Gavin and Jeffery are suddenly sucked into a parallel universe of B grade sci-fi. Not only is it real and they could die but Jeffery begins to change into a sci-fi character. With the help of two refugee rebels - Emmanor - a space princess and Gotlieb, a strange alien scientist they go on a perilous quest to save their friend and find a way home. An action packed comedy adventure of giant lizards, amazon women, evil warlords and space battles that has to be seen to be believed. Amazing locations, kooky characters and magnificent low budget sets. This movie captures the essence of the golden age of sci fi in a swashbuckling epic that soon could be a cult hit.


Mischa Chaleyer-Kynaston


Robert George


Tom Neunzerling


David Peterson


Calvin Sang


Gareth Van Niekerk

Visual Effects

Sam Prebble




New Zealand

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