Tree (2017)

  • Drama
  • 16min

One evening Alisi (17) climbs a huge tree and won’t come down. As evening turns to night, her sanctuary becomes her prison - and her secret is out. Alisi is pregnant to her gay best friend, Mikaele (17), and it’s all over Facebook. Mikaele finds Alisi, who blames him for being a blabbermouth, bringing shame to her Christian Pasifika family. Alisi tries to run away, but a search party of younger cousins turns up and texts her oldest brother Terence. Soon her whole familiy is camping out under the tree. As the stars turn and the night gets colder, Alisi must decide whether she will bow to cultural family traditions or find a new path - with or without her family.


Lauren Jackson


Andrew Cochrane


Jeremy Macey

Director of Photography

Simon Raby

Art Director

Grant Hall


Barbara Darragh



Country of Origin

New Zealand