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Wide Eyed

12m Short, Drama 2013

Directed and Written by:
Catherine Bisley

New Zealand International Film Festival: 2013

Wide Eyed screened at the NZIFF as part of New Zealand’s Best 2013, later having an international outing at the Melbourne International Film Festival 2013.

Jade arrives in her new rural home. Far from the city life she is used to and ignored by her man-infatuated mother, she struggles to make sense of her isolated setting. Her new ‘brother’ Chance and his threatening behaviour makes things worse…

For director Catherine Bisley, Wide Eyed is “frightening and hopeful”. She told this story “to show how girls like Jade can make it through.” Catherine is a Wellington-based writer and director.


Brooklyn Double (Jade) , Ben Agate (Chance) , Isabella Galluzzo (Renee) , Aaron Jackson (Bryce)


Catherine Bisley

Director of Photography

Ryan Alexander Lloyd


Paul Wedel




New Zealand


Blueskin Films

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