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Perfect Strangers

1h 36m Romance, Thriller 2004

Directed and Written by:
Gaylene Preston

If you like your love stories wild and out of left field, this is the film for you. When Melanie goes home with a handsome stranger after a night at the pub, he takes her to his boat and carries her off to his remote island home. The perfect romance turns sour when she realises he’s holding her prisoner.

Violent and dramatic events leave them both bruised and bloodied, yet Melanie remains uncertain about her feelings for this complex and fascinating man. When a former one-night-stand turns up out of the blue, Melanie has a lot of explaining to do – some of which she does with a shovel.

Set on the bleak and largely untouched West Coast, the film’s landscape of grey waves and jagged rocks perfectly captures the film’s atmosphere. Dark, menacing and always unsettling, this film turns the tables on traditional fairy-tale romance, turning the hunter into the hunted.


Sam Neill (The Man) , Rachael Blake (Melanie) , Joel Tobek (Bill) , Robyn Malcolm (Aileen) , Madeline Sami (Andrea) , Paul Glover (Jim) , Jed Brophy (Pete)


Gaylene Preston


Robin Laing

Assoc. Producer

Gaylene Preston

Assoc. Producer

Jay Cassells


Alun Bollinger


John Gilbert

Production Designer

Joe Bleakley

Costume Designer

Helen Bollinger




New Zealand


Huntaway Productions, Gaylene Preston Productions

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