The Ferryman (2007)

  • Horror
  • 1h 36m

Directed by:Chris Graham
Written by: Nick Ward

In myth, the ferryman carries the dead to the underworld. In this tightly written thrill-fest, he has a far more sinister role.

When a group of mismatched couples climb aboard a yacht for a relaxing trip to Fiji, we know this isn’t going to be a pleasure cruise. As introduced, the characters are all dealing with their own issues, and none of their relationships are on solid ground.

When the yacht’s captain intercepts an SOS call, they go to the rescue and find The Greek stranded alone and barely alive. Not long after bringing him aboard their own yacht, The Greek’s ornate knife is buried in one of the tourists’ chests and the rest of the passengers start acting very strangely.

The actors have a field day as the body-hopping Greek infests each one in turn, sending them on journeys that range from sadistic, to wise-cracking to downright insane.

Part drama, part sketch-comedy and part monster movie, The Ferryman is an entertaining remake of an ancient myth as seen through the lens of an ‘80s slasher flick.


Chris Graham


Nick Ward

Screen Story

Nick Ward

Screen Story

Matthew Metcalfe


Matthew Metcalfe

Assoc. Producer

Alan Harris

Assoc. Producer

Richard Fletcher

Director of Photography

Aaron Morton

Production Designer

Gary Mackay


Nigel Galt

Costume Designer

Gavin McLean



Country of Origin

New Zealand, United Kingdom

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