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The Locals

1h 28m Horror, Thriller 2003

Directed and Written by:
Greg Page

The backwoods thriller has been done before (Wolf Creek, The Blair Witch Project) but Greg Page’s take on the familiar is a welcome addition to the genre.

After Grant’s girlfriend dumps him, he and Paul head off for a weekend of surfing, relaxation and male bonding. As the sun sets they decide to take a shortcut through the bush and stumble across a pair of girls on their way to a party. They accept the invitation to join the girls and head down a series of poorly marked dirt roads.

When a truck appears out of nowhere, they lose control and wind up in a ditch. Unable to get out, Grant and Paul head through the woods to find help. They are soon ambushed by evil ‘locals’, insane farmers who speak in tongues and follow the lead of murderous Bill.

If Grant and Paul want to survive, they will have to crack a mystery steeped in enigma and the supernatural.


John Barker (Grant) , Dwayne Cameron (Paul) , Kate Elliott (Kelly) , Peter McCauley (Bill)


Greg Page


Greg Page

Executive Producer

Chris Brown

Executive Producer

Katherine Butler


Steve Sachs

Director of Photography

Bret Nichols


Wayne Cook

Production Designer

Gary Mackay

Costume Designer

Lesley Burkes-Harding

Sound Designer

Tim Prebble




New Zealand


Rocket Pictures

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