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War Stories Our Mothers Never Told Us
1h 34m Documentary, War 1995
Dame Valerie Adams: More Than Gold
1h 33m Documentary 2022
Whale Rider - 20th Anniversary
1h 41m Drama, Family 2003
Sione's Wedding
1h 37m Comedy, Drama 2006
Gardening With Soul
1h 40m Documentary 2013
1h 36m Drama 2019
She Shears
1h 19m Documentary 2018
1h 34m Comedy, Thriller 1999
Red, White & Brass
1h 25m Comedy, Family 2023
Poi E: The Story of Our Song
1h 36m Music, Documentary 2016
My Year With Helen
1h 33m Documentary 2017
1h 38m Drama, Sport 2022
Show of Hands
1h 39m Comedy, Drama, Romance 2008

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