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Jack Be Nimble
1h 33m Horror 1993
Guns Akimbo
1h 35m Action, Adventure, Comedy 2019
1h 26m Action, Comedy, Horror 2015
Come to Daddy
1h 34m Comedy, Thriller 2019
Killer Sofa
1h 21m Comedy, Horror 2019
What We Do in the Shadows
1h 26m Comedy 2014
The Irrefutable Truth About Demons
1h 30m Horror, Thriller, Fantasy 2001
The Tattooist
1h 32m Horror, Thriller 2007
The Locals
1h 28m Horror, Thriller 2003
Fresh Meat
1h 31m Comedy, Horror 2012
The Ferryman
1h 36m Horror 2007
1h 47m Comedy, Horror, Mystery 2014
Judgment Tavern
11m Horror 2015
Perfect Creature
1h 30m Horror, Vampire 2007
Coming Home in the Dark
1h 33m Thriller 2021
11m Science Fiction, Fantasy, Drama 2013
Shadow in the Cloud
1h 23m Action, Horror 2021
Mega Time Squad
1h 19m Action, Adventure, Comedy 2018
Kitchen Sink
14m Short, Horror 1989
Death Warmed Up
1h 25m Horror 1985

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