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Three Wise Cousins
1h 29m Comedy, Romance 2016
Return to Gandhi Road
1h 30m Documentary 2020
Walk a Mile
16m Drama 2019
1h 44m Drama 2018
Mega Time Squad
1h 19m Action, Adventure, Comedy 2018
Hillary: Ocean to Sky
1h 46m Documentary 2019
Camino Skies
1h 21m Documentary 2019
Land of the Long White Cloud
1h 15m Documentary 2009
1h 37m Crime, Drama 2018
1h 31m Drama, Science Fiction, Fantasy 2017
1h 30m Musical, Fantasy 2003
1h 43m Documentary 2018
Groove City
1h 29m Musical, Drama 2015
Kaikohe Demolition
52m Documentary 2004
The Catch
1h 25m Comedy, Drama 2017
On An Unknown Beach
1h 30m Documentary, Avant-Garde 2016
We Feel Fine
1h 33m Drama 2012
Crossing Rachmaninoff
1h 19m Documentary 2015
Michael Smither: 10
38m Documentary 2019
Michael Smither: Of Crimson Joy
39m Documentary 2018
Michael Smither: Light Through the Trees
41m Documentary 2017
Michael Smither: Portraits
43m Documentary 2016
Michael Smither: Prints
56m Documentary 2015
Michael Smither: Music
45m Documentary 2014
Michael Smither: Life and Death
55m Documentary 2013
Michael Smither: Into Perspective
55m Documentary 2011
Michael Smither: Artist in Residence
40m Documentary 2010
Michael Smither: Shared Harmonics
41m Documentary 2009
The Man in the Hat
1h 13m Documentary 2009
Into the Void
1h 10m Documentary, Music 2014
Alien Addiction
1h 37m Comedy, Science Fiction, NZ Film 2019
1h 36m Animation, Adventure, Family 2019
52m Documentary 2005
No Ordinary Sheila
1h 38m Documentary 2017
120 Seconds
3m Thriller 2019
Le Ride
1h 30m Documentary 2016
Love Bytes
9m Animation 2019
7m Comedy 2019
This Giant Papier Mache Boulder is Actually Really Heavy
1h 39m Science Fiction, Comedy 2016
Dan Carter: A Perfect 10
1h 30m Documentary 2019
Last Paradise
1h 30m Documentary, Sport 2009
1h 8m Documentary 2020
安 (Lullaby)
17m Drama 2019
The Great Maiden's Blush
1h 48m Drama 2016
School Night
13m Short, Comedy, Drama 2014
1h 40m Documentary 2018
2h 0m Documentary 2006
1h 19m Drama 2021
Penny Black
1h 27m Drama 2016
Hibiscus & Ruthless
1h 37m Comedy 2018
Jinx Sister
1h 41m Drama 2008
Ghost Bride
1h 22m Horror, Ghost 2013
Hot Air
1h 32m Documentary 2014
Ans Westra: Private Journeys/Public Signposts
1h 12m Documentary 2006
The Inheritance
1h 10m Documentary 2014
15m Short, Drama 2012
Tom's Dairy
14m Short, Family 2013
The Red House
1h 15m Drama 2012
The HeART of the Matter
1h 29m Documentary 2016
Stars In her Eyes
1h 18m Comedy, Romance 2016

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