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Come to Daddy
1h 34m Comedy, Thriller 2019
1h 34m Drama, Thriller, Crime 2005
Perfect Strangers
1h 36m Romance, Thriller 2004
Mr. Wrong
1h 28m Thriller 1986
For Good
1h 36m Drama, Thriller 2003
The Returning
1h 35m Thriller 1990
1h 47m Drama, Thriller, Crime 2004
In My Father's Den
2h 7m Drama, Mystery, Thriller 2004
The Lost Tribe
1h 35m Thriller 1982
The Scarecrow
1h 48m Thriller 1981
Never Say Die
1h 30m Action, Adventure 1988
Shadow in the Cloud
1h 23m Action, Horror 2021
7m Drama, Thriller 2018
Shaker Run
1h 31m Action, Adventure 1985
17m Drama 2017
1h 34m Comedy, Thriller 1999
12m Thriller, Drama 1997
Guns Akimbo
1h 35m Action, Adventure, Comedy 2019
The Locals
1h 28m Horror, Thriller 2003
1h 30m Drama, Thriller 2001
The Tattooist
1h 32m Horror, Thriller 2007
A Song of Good
1h 24m Crime, Drama, Mystery 2008
The Irrefutable Truth About Demons
1h 30m Horror, Thriller, Fantasy 2001

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